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Welcome to the Fight Club Group

Asimar Pty Ltd and the Fight Club Group of companies is a full-service series of online businesses operating in Wyee since 2000 and on the Central Coast since 1996.

Our team of experienced professionals can produce, support and sell a range of items and services. Test us out and you will discover that we know our products better than our competitors.

The other services offered by the group are extensive. We have over 25 years IT experience and know how to make a website safe, secure and well organised.

Many of the Fight Club team are combat focused re-enactors with combined experience of over 50 years, this gives us insights into the needs of that community that our competitors can only dream of.

What Makes Us Better

  • Quality V Price.

We evaluate and test our products thoroughly, then we price them accordingly. If we don't think a product is of high quality we ensure we mark the price down immediately. It is all about guaranteeing our customers good value. You can be sure that we won't inflate our retail price so we can appear to be having sales when we are really only offering you a true price. Compare a sale price of Medieval Shoppy to the Fight Club standard price you will see what we mean.

  • Availability.

Our simple rule is that if it is on our websites then it must be on our shelves. Unlike Estard in Queensland we don't sell products that require us to order from someone else. All our products (except for some minor oversights) are ready to send out the door as soon as you order them. We have a dedicated packing team that ensure your order is well packed and on its way to you without delay.

  • Development & range.

We have the largest range of historical and fantasy themed items in Australia. We also employ Australians to develop new lines all the time. Add to that we produce many quality items here in Australia. We know that our competitors lack the experience to do that.

  • Prestige Costume Hire.

Quality costume hire, not just cheap polyester kids costumes that have been up-sized for adults. Our costumes are fitted to our customers and very much an upmarket product best suited for film and TV shoots. We also have experienced armorers that can be on hand to make changes and modifications on the fly to ensure you don't waste valuable crew time during filming.

  • I.T.

We have an abundance of IT experience in this sector. We can even help get your fight club or group a website and promote it on the Internet and on social media sites.

  • Wholesale opportunities.

We offer resellers the opportunity to save in many ways. We don't set a minimum quantity but our resellers are rewarded with larger discounts for the more they purchase. With our very large warehouse space you can be sure we have enough stock to cover any reasonable purchase. Click on the link to the right if you want to learn more.

  • Brands.

Why so many brands? Simply that we have so many different products in stock ready to sell. In fact our whole range is almost 3000 different products. To make it easier for customers to find things, the range is broken down into different themes & product groups and then sorted into our different websites depending on the intended market. Sometimes you will find the same product on a couple of different sites.

While we have many many websites we will list the core brands that make all the magic happen.

What are the brands?

Fight Club - The wholesale direct site, you should be able to find almost every product on this site. You will need to apply for a wholesale account before you can get the additional and generous discounts on top of the bulk prices we offer. Site: www.fight-club.com.au

Medieval Fight Club - This is the medieval themed product site, the main theme is medieval but it does encompass from the Ancient world to the late medieval or renaissance era. It has products for re-enactment including feasting gear and tents and all the armour and weapons you could need to be an historical warrior. Site: www.medieval-fightclub.com.au
  Medieval Fight Club - The seal you will find on many products. This indicates it was made or designed by us or has been found of suitable quality to be part of the MFC brand. This brand will usually appear as a single colour descreete logo and sometimes will feature prominently.
  Sports Fight Club - As HEMA enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the needs of HEMA practitioners and therefore this site is dedicated to combat sports of all kinds. It has a range of protective gear and weapons that are tested as usable and safe given the limits of the sports they have been designed for. Site: www.sports-fightclub.com
Fantasy Fight Club
- The name says it all, this site is dedicated to all things fantasy and fictional in pop culture. Be it fairies, warlocks, vampires, orges, princes & more, we have it. Costume accessories for COSPLAY and LARP equipment can be found here. All this and other pop culture items including jewellery and everyday street wear with these themes and motifs proudly displayed. Site: www.fantasy-fightclub.com

Warriors Wardrobe
- Is our prestigious hire range. With detailed costume sets of a higher than average quality. This range is designed for film, TV and stage production. They are not just oversized kids polyester tacky halloween costumes. The costumes are created to have all the little details covered and usually include real armour, garments, accessories and in some cases the appropriate side arms. Site: www.warriors-wardrobe.com
Your Fight Club
  - Is a club based website hosting service that is part of the Fight Club Group A+Club membership. "What is that?", you ask, it is simply a membership system for clubs to get greater discounts and access to special promotions. Your club can have access to its own website on a subdomain hosted on a series of URLs. If you want to learn more about the A+Club membership click here.

IT Literate - The glue that binds. This is the cornerstone of the Asimar Pty Ltd and Fight Club group. Our state of the art self managed server tools are easy to use. We offer low cost and premium hosting, it all depends on your personal or business needs.