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D.I.Y. Guides: Building a Shield, Adding chin straps to helmets, Repairing armour.


Shoe size guide

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Roman Belt - Part 1

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Roman Belt - Part 2

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Waxing your horn

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Build an SCA Sword

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Saxon Helmet test

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Repeating Crossbow

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Gauge - When we reference gauge we use the brown and sharp (B&S) wire gauge and not sheet steel gauge. The reason is simply that the B&S system is a more universal system for thickness. While both systems are imperial and can be converted to mm only the B&S system is a consistent measurement of thickness. Sheet metal thickness gauges for steel are based on a weight of 41.82 pounds per square foot per inch of thickness. Naturally this means that our items made from materials such as brass and aluminium (aluminium by request only) would need to be much thicker to meet the same gauge specification and this causes confusion. The same confusion comes into play when applying sheet metal gauges to maille armour. It is for these reasons we also supply the mm measurement when applicable. For your convenience we have supplied the measurements in mm where available.

If you need further clarification on gauge and measuring thickness please read these Wikipedia articles. Brown and Sharpe Wire Gauge and Sheet metal gauges. Battle Ready - The term "battle ready" is used very loosely by some dealers. We take this claim seriously, for more detailed info on our 'battle ready' scoring system click here.


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