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Your A+Club - What is it?

It is a club based membership and reward system. Suitable for re-enactment, fencing & HEMA clubs.

The benefits for your club

Discount prices, up to 15% off - Your members only need to share in the group login no special code is needed. Each person just needs to change the delivery address so the purchase is delivered direct to them. This is designed to be a club purchase so the club can benefit from the reward points.

Special Promotions - We have promotions all the time but there will be some very special promotions only available to people with A-Club access.

Reward points - Earn points for your club and then the club can make a purchase using points. This is a great way for a club to acquire club gear.

Website - If you don't already have one or even if you do, we can provide you with a website for your club. It comes with an easy management tool and some tutorials on how to effectively set up a website. It is so easy almost anyone can do it, even with limited computer skills.

  • yourname.livinghistory.club
  • yourname.fantasyfight.club
  • yourname.sportsfight.club
  • yourname.historyfight.club
  • yourname.yourfight.club
  • yourname.ourfight.club
  • yourname.scifight.club

Is there a cost?

Yes there is a setup cost but we give it back to you in reward points. So a set up fee of $100 will come back to your club in reward points on your club account once activated. You will be able to spend the points immediately. Add to that, the discounts alone will quickly make membership worth every cent.

Sounds good, How do we get it?

We recommend you review the terms & conditions and then fill in this form and we will send you the details to proceed. When the paperwork has been completed and the application approved, we will activate your A-Club membership, then we will configure your website and send you the details you need to get started.